At Infinite Prosperity, we teach both passive investing and active (speculative) trading.

Our investment philosophies are indeed used by many financial institutions to track the performance of the stock market while reducing volatility with the use of sound asset class diversification. Within these strategies, we aim to have clients harnessing the typical 7-10% per annum that has been offered by the stock market over the long term. 

As we move into speculative trading, our strategies become more aggressive. While you may see great results on small accounts, this kind of speculative position taking is not generally sustainable as your account grows into the $20-50 million region, which is the level at which institutional investors are just getting started. As any investor understands, due to the limitations of liquidity and the logistics of moving around size, it’s much easier to generate high returns on small accounts.

In essence, it would not be practical nor profitable to trade our speculative strategies on an 8 figure trading account. 

(Note that we use “small accounts" to denote account sizes less than $5 million)

Our education, therefore, is aimed more toward the individual investor. The initial account size for the typical Infinite Prosperity student is between $2,000 and $10,000.

Using the forex trading philosophies we teach, you should not run into your first liquidity-related issues until you reach approximately $1-2M USD in account size (depending on your broker and personal trading style). At this time, speak to your support member and let them know the situation. We can certainly suggest alternative portfolio allocations and trading styles to accommodate these new risk factors.

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